United States of America: 2020

Republican Candidate Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America on November 8th, 2016. He is now standing for re-election against Joe Biden, the 45th Vice-President.

This is your chance to have your say about the outcome of the forthcoming US Presidential Election. Please read both candidate profiles carefully before casting your vote. If you don't wish either candidate to become the next President, please select "Abstain".

Remember: you're not voting on how well you think either candidate will serve the American people - the American voters will make that choice - but on how well you think he will serve the rest of humanity and the rest of the planet, outside America's borders.

Your vote is symbolic and won't be counted by the US election authorities, but it certainly won't be wasted. It's sending out a vital message from the rest of the world that we also care who becomes the next "leader of the free world", and the choice of American voters affects our lives too.

All the Global Votes exist for this purpose. In an interconnected and interdependent world, everyone who's elected to run a country, no matter how big or small, joins the team that runs the planet. And the planet wants to have its say!