The Good Country

What’s gone wrong
with the world?

Things seem to be getting worse all the time: climate change, terrorism, pandemics, migration, economic chaos… the list goes on. All these problems have grown too big and too complex for any individual nation to solve. But instead of collaborating, nations spend all their energy and resources competing against each other. This has to change if we want to make the world work. This is why the Good Country exists.

Good Country Index

The idea of the Good Country Index is simple: to measure what each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size.

The Good Country Equation

Simon Anholt’s latest book, The Good Country Equation, is now available in bookstores worldwide.

The Good Generation

The Good Generation is a plan for the whole world to agree on a new set of values, virtues and skills that every country on earth will teach its children. This way, we’ll raise a new generation that makes the world work.

Introducing Good Country

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