Guðrún Margrét Pálsdóttir


Questions were put to this candidate by Simon Anholt:

SA: What is your vision for Iceland's role in the world?

GMP: I see that Iceland can bless other nations by becoming a nation that contributes positively to the climate change both as a responsible nation using renewable energy and by producing more oxygen than taking by tree planting. We can also lead with geothermal energy advising other nations as we have been doing. I want to see that our nation which has been blessed as a nation of literature from way back will fight against illiteracy in the world by generously contributing towards that course.

SA: If you were elected President of Iceland, what would you hope to do for the rest of us, around the world?

GMP: If I were elected President of Iceland I would like to see Iceland becoming a blessing to other nations. I would encourage tree planting in Iceland on a bigger scale than before. My husband and I have been planting trees the last three decades and that is our passion, both to restore forests in Iceland and more importantly by doing so we can contribute to the world´s fight against climate change. My vision is that everyone can have education and I especially want to fight illiteracy. The vision I have had for 30 years is that everyone should know at least how to read and write. I want to establish a charity fund to help the needy both in Iceland and in other countries.

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