What year does the Good Country Index refer to?

Because the data in the 35 indicators which make up the Good Country Index are collected in different forms and at different times for different reasons, it’s impossible to focus the Index on any single year – some indicators report on things which have happened during the previous year, a few of them are constantly updated, and some of them relate to behaviours which may have taken place up to a decade earlier.

Also, the big datasets produced by United Nations agencies and other international bodies typically take several years to compile, analyse and publish, which is not surprising if you're collecting large amounts of complex data from nearly two hundred countries.

For these reasons, we’ve used mostly 2016 data to provide a baseline for the latest edition of the Good Country Index (Edition 1.3). It’s as close as the available data allows to a complete portrait of the world at any point in time. For the earlier editions (Editions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2) we used mostly 2010, 2011 and and 2012 data, respectively, so we are beginning to close the gap between the fieldwork and the published results.